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Product Information

Boppy cup set is a set of beautiful cups with a smart design and is Portuguese!
The concept emerged in 2009 by the hand of João Villar as a student of the Design course, and had as its starting point a glass that did not fall. The result was a sphere-shaped cup whose center of gravity at the base allows it to always stand. By the way, the name will drink from the English word Bop Bag, the name given to the ever-standing dolls.

Freedom in the use of these objects prevails, from their most conventional use, such as a glass or bowl, to their most daring use, such as candle holders, spice container or dried flowers; or whatever your imagination allows you.
For those who still do not know what to offer family or friends, here’s a good idea!

The design in fashion gives a special emphasis to this cup, which is truly out of the ordinary and traditional.

Product Features – Boppy Cup Set

These handmade objects, produced in Marinha Grande, are blown individually by a craftsman.

Additional information

Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 cm



Hand-blown glass


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