Vertical Tail Blackhead with Paws in Natural Brass


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“A Blackbirds, of course” is a representation of two blackbirds, produced in stoneware, glazed and hand painted. Blackbirds are ennobled by two legs in natural or oxidized brass, manually melted into sand molds. (The pieces are handmade and may have small variations.)
The box, in microcanelated cardboard, is surrounded by a strap on olin paper, containing an exclusive illustration and the synopsis of the story “A Blacker, of course”, where we will have some magical blackbirds, which anyone can have at home, just for decoration, or for the admirable task of making them fly, just to feed them with genuine hope and imagination. Contentin bilingual – Portuguese and English.

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Weight 0.390 kg
Dimensions 16 × 14.4 × 16 cm