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Product Information

Feed your hydration habits and reduce plastic waste with this beautiful glass bottle. A practical and easy-to-hold design and a new look that will help you improve your well-being.

The milkshakes and the teas will come to a new life! Silicone-based water bottle. Allows you to store hot or cold.

Product characteristics

The Active pink glass bottle consists of high quality materials, fPremium quality borosilicate glass eito, hardy to major thermal changes, so it is safe to carry your hot tea. The cover is made of Tritan stainless steel and a silicone ring. Silicone band to protect your bottle from shocks.

Made in Europe

Recyclable 100%


Suitable for dishwasher

NO BPA, no GMP, no BPS

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Glass bottle available in various colors and with modern design

Available in more colors, we are sure to find the color of the Active glass bottle that suits you and that you will be able to meet with you. The pink color is a color that stands out. And despite being a modern color, it matches different styles.

On the other hand, the design in the form gives a special highlight to this glass bottle, which is truly out of the ordinary and the traditional.
Click on the images of this glass bottle in other colors to see in detail.

Active glass garrafa maintenance - Equa

To maintain the quality of your bottle and preserve the freshness of your drinks, we recommend regular cleaning. Wash your glass bottle with hot water and mild soap at least once a day. And for a deep cleansing, use hot water, vinegar and a teaspoon of baking soda.

TIP: To avoid constant moisture on the lid that may affect it in the long run, be sure to leave the bottle open and dry upside down. When not in use, store it without the lid to allow the inside to dwell. Tamam can wash the bottle using the dishwasher. To preserve the protective silicone band and lid, we suggest not to put them in the dishwasher.


Additional information

Weight 0.368 kg
Dimensions 7.5 × 7.5 × 24 cm


550 ml

Nozzle diameter

3.5 cms


Glass bottle
Tritan stainless steel cover and a silicone ring
Silicone band