The More The Merrier – Cinza


Design by Louise Campbell

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Louise Campbell on the design "A candlestick that is everything but streamlined. As the saying goes: the more elements you join together, the merrier the result. Can be constructed in infinite ways. The design is a blend of the formal and the informal. Crystal-inspired candleholders are made of the softest matt rubber; the garland-like arms are pressed in hardwearing steel and then coated. Assembly can be conducted with a sense of meticulous symmetry, or with complete chaos, as you wish. Using 4, 7, 14, 27, 77, 189… elements, according to desire."

Material: Rubber and steel

Colour: White

Notes: A box contains 7 candleholders and 6 connectors

Care instructions: Left over wax is removed by rinsing with boiling water

Informação adicional

Peso 2 kg

Black, Grey, White