Galheteiro Olive Oil and Vinegar – Gray – Soul Mate – Set of 2 units


Product Information

The Galheteiro Azeite e Vinagre Cinza Alma Gémea is the union that allows you to surrender to the charms and pleasures of sharing moments and stories. To create memories and bonds that bring with them other memories, memories that make you dream. Designed from the unique and subtle fusion of two of the numerous Mediterranean traditions. Cork and ceramics merge into the same concept and are reborn with a new touch.

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Product characteristics

The Galheteiro Azeite e Vinagre Cinza Alma Gémea is produced in cork, a material of wide application, adapting to the environment.
It is a material of great value and is in vogue due to its ecological capabilities and respect for the environment.

100% natural product, produced piece by piece. And therefore, small variations in color or shape can arise for the same reference, which gives it the characteristics of a unique and exclusive object.

Cork comes out easily, so that the ceramic part can go to the dishwasher and microwave.
It should be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Experience the Portuguese tradition in one product: ceramics and cork at your disposal!

To surrender to this range is to challenge yourself and be moved by the expression of contemporary design. To take it home is to relive the past, to live the present and to idealize the future. Above all, it's sharing with the one you love the most.

The Whistler – the whistler – is the name of the largest and one of the oldest(100' largest in the world, which is located in the Alentejo region. This special tree has named the line involving cork and stoneware, just as cork surrounds the cork oak trunk... with shapes inspired by the traditional pottery of alentejo.

Other Colors of Galheteiro Olive Oil and Vinegar Alma Twin

Olive Oil and Vinegar Galheteiros are available in more colors.
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Additional information

Dimensions7.5 × 6.5 × 21.5 cm


200 ml (unit)


Cork (cork agglomerate) and Ceramics


Cork: clean with damp cloth and a mild detergent;
Stoneware: you can go to the washing machine.