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Product Information

The dairy sugar bowl Alma Gémea in ceramics and cork from the collection The Whistler by Raquel Castro. The Whistler is a beautiful tea set that combines the softness of cork with the robustness of clay. Cork involves the lower half of each of the containers and if, on the one hand, it adds texture, on the other hand, it takes advantage of the insulating and thermal properties of the material by inserting the cork precisely in the place where it is held (usually) in the piece. The cork bases are removable and are used simultaneously as heat insulators and table and hand protectors.

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The "The Whistler" collection

Dairy sugar bowlalma Alma Gémea is part of the "The Whistler" collection. "The Whistler" is the largest and one of the oldest sky-goers in the world and is located in the Alentejo region Portuguese. This special tree gives its name to this range of products: a tea set in which cork wraps around ceramics exactly as it hugs the wood in the cork oak. The shapes are inspired by traditional Alentejo pottery.

Maintenance of cork sugar cane Milkman Alma Gémea

Wipe with a damp cloth and a mild cleaning product when needed. Do not machine wash. Not suitable for microwave use - avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight to prevent discoloration. When in contact with water, the cork will temporarily darken. Avoid contact with soap and water or grease as it may stain the material. Cork is a natural raw material; its appearance, i.e. color, can change over time, without losing its intrinsic properties

Additional information

Dimensions 8.6 × 8.6 × 10 cm


Cork (cork agglomerate) and Ceramics


Cork: clean with damp cloth and a mild detergent;
Stoneware: you can go to the washing machine.