Seletti – Tamara – Hybrid coffee cup


Product Information

When east and west combine. A collection that reflects the historical ceramic production of the West and the East. Hybrid decorations that come from a complex past that evolve into contemporary shapes. Design: CTRLZAK

Hybrid collection available in multiple articles with unique design

Collection with more than 60 items, we are sure that you will find the pieces of your choice and that match the design of your table. It is a collection that stands out and combines with different types of decoration.

On the other hand, the design in the form gives a special highlight to this collection, which is truly out of the ordinary and the traditional.

Product characteristics

Tamara – Hybrid coffee chavena consists of high quality materials in Chinese porcelain.

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The Hybrid collection is filled with original pieces to make your table unique.
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Additional information

Dimensions (C x L x A)

Cup of coffee: 6.8×6.8×5.5 cms
Saucer: 12.8×12.8×1.9 cms



China porcelain